Melissa Nichole Hair Design

DIY Guarantee

Have you ever gone to a salon and loved your hair as you walked out the door and then felt the frustration of never coming close to duplicating that look ever again? The majority of my new referrals tell me just that. My goal and vision is to give my clients the latest hair styles, but transforming them to fit each individual. I like to tailor each haircut to fit each client and their lifestyle. My ongoing years of training in advance haircutting and hair color techniques allow me to do just that. My personal goal is not only to deliver that individuality, but also to simplify the steps a client has to take to duplicate their salon style at home.

Do It Yourself Guarantee: I will make sure with every new hair style a client receives, that he/she has the ability to recreate this look again with minimal effort and time. If my client goes home and is unable to recreate their new look, they can come back in for a free hair style consultation.